Limitations of Sale


Brand in a Box is an off-the-shelf solution, which means limitations in services and usage of a pre-defined deliverables to deliver materials for your Employer Brand. Deviations from stated deliverables will incur additional costs and will be quoted before commencing works. Services or stages that are included in the price cannot be discounted if not used and cannot be parked for future usage.



The Brand in Box process is scheduled to be completed four weeks from receipt of the signed contract.



Upon agreement of the Brand in Box, the client will be invoiced two weeks later. All invoices are subject to VAT. Terms are strictly 30 days. Ownership and intellectual property rights over any and all materials will belong to Brand in a Box until invoices are paid.

Schedule of Works


Employee-based research to develop an EVP and Employer Brand is a necessary part of the process. Two days are scheduled that will utilise methods to canvas a strong cross section profile of the workforce. This will include an online survey (with time limited participation windows) and Glassdoor reviews. A full statistical and sound bite report will be generated at the end of the process. Employee anonymity is essential to develop an unbiased profile. Full client co-operation is required to ensure that interview timescales and numbers are met.


Intellectual property rights for the data reside with the client only once the full product is completed. Intellectual property rights for the methodology and reporting reside with Charlie McIntosh Limited.


The data and insight will be used in conjunction with the development of an EVP and Employer Brand. The client will assign rights to the agency for use of this data solely in conjunction with the preparation of this project (subject to invoicing).


The EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is the overriding reason people work for you. Defining and simplifying what this is, is part of the design process and qualified individuals will prepare a substantiating document that will define and explain the rationale behind the EVP. The EVP is the property of the client (subject to invoicing). Two concepts will be developed after EVP development. Additional concepts fall outside the scope of this and will be a modular add-on. Two sets of author’s amends are permitted. Additional amends will be charged at a fixed hourly rate.


Photography is limited to a day shoot anywhere within mainland Britain. This includes photography within the photographer's studio. The client is responsible for arranging the provision of people and product, supporting materials and model release forms. The agency will help prepare the schedule. The client must afford the agency as much co-operation and assistance as possible to ensure the shoot is undertaken within agreed timescales and maximising resources.


If the brand solution does not require photography, or stock photography/illustration is more appropriate, the agency will source this and assign rights to the client.


Brand materials. The brand materials created in conjunction with developing your Employer Brand remain the property of the client. The brand presentation format and methodology will remain the property of the agency. The Employer Brand will be communicated in a full branding document that will expand upon how the solution was arrived at and the usage of the Employer Brand in external materials, colours, fonts and styles.


Website. On successful completion of the branding exercise and signoff by client a careers website (two page maximum) will be developed using a web template and the assets created within the Employer Brand. Responsibility for hosting on a suitable hosting provider and any URL/A-Record repoints will be the responsibility of the client. Assistance will be provided by the agency to help facilitate a successful outcome for the technical aspects of site creation and hosting.


Throughout the process the client will facilitate access to marketing constraints and corporate branding materials and marketing contacts that may assist with the brand creative development.



On completion of the process a sign-off document will be provided by the agency. This will effectively conclude the Employer Brand process and will confirm that the client is happy with the materials that have been provided. Future support, brand activation (advertising and marketing) can be provided by the agency to make the most of your Employer Brand.

Publicity and Promotion


The client will allow the agency to proudly use Employer Brand materials created for the client to be used in conjunction with promoting the services of the agency. The agency will be allowed to submit the client employer branding materials into awards/competitions, self-promotion and PR indefinitely.








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