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A wealth of expertise in design, project management, research and web development with one aim - to make great employer branding accessible to every business. One fair price. Award-winning expertise. Outstanding delivery.


These are just some of our success stories:

Mark Tomlinson is no newcomer to employer branding. A highly experienced and respected Resourcing and Talent professional, his career has seen him transform the resourcing effectiveness of many of the UK’s leading retail and hospitality Brands. Now in yet another key role he has been given the enviable challenge of transforming the employer brand of one of the most successful and loved restaurant chains - PizzaExpress. Established in 1965, PizzaExpress has been a firm high street favourite and a lively place to work. Mark recognised that, like many iconic consumer brands, the marketing eclipses the employer message and work was needed to provide a stream of quality applicants to an ever-evolving family of over 11,000 individuals.


Value is essential to a hospitality brand and rather than pay through the nose for average work, Mark - being in the know, and knowing the value of Brand in Box – saw the benefit and cost efficiencies. Not only did Brand in a Box step up to the plate, but we smashed it! Creating a brand that has the collective approval of all internal departments, and honours the heritage and ethics of the business.


“We can’t wait to see the transformative effect the superb work Brand in a Box has on our business as it helps us overcome the challenging talent landscape and supports us to attract a constant stream of talent to more than 475 restaurants across the UK&I. I love the work Brand in a Box has done - for much less than any other agency would have charged!”


Mark Tomlinson

Recruitment Manager


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